Library for color TFT or OLED with full screen update?

I am looking for a library for color TFT or OLED displays with full screen update function like the display.display() function in Adafruit SSD1306 library.

I hope for some help finding such a library - thank you.

I would like to be able to write to the buffer and after all information are written call the "display.display()" function and the display is updated.

SSD1306 is a 128x64 monochrome display i.e. you can have a full buffer with 1024 bytes of SRAM.

A 128x64 colour display would need 16384 bytes of SRAM. Fine for many ARM chips. No good for Uno, Mega.

You don't need to have an SRAM buffer with colour displays because you can address each pixel separately.

The typical SSD1306 buffer is used because an individual pixel needs to know what is in the other 7 bits when it writes to the appropriate byte in the buffer.

The display.display() function simply copies the whole SRAM buffer to the SSD1306. Very fast for a 1kB buffer. Noticeably slower if you had a 128x64x16 buffer.



Thank you very much for the reply, this explains why it is "difficult" to find such library.
I must continue using mono displays for these type of applications.


you might get additional suggestions if you tell what processor/board you intend to use.