Library for DS18B20

Good Day to all,
I will start my new project using DS18B20 waterproof temperature sensor.
Can you tell me where I can find libraries for this project. I know there are two of them.
I found a couple places with One-wire and DallasTemperature (h & CPP) but they are different.
Can you tell me how to find proper libraries for projects - any project for future?
Thx in advance

You need both.

Thx Nick_Pyner, and dave-in-nj

Can you tell me how to find proper libraries for projects - any project for future?

Probably the most comprehensive way is to just use a search engine to search for the keywords: arduino library and the part number.

You can also find a categorized, searchable index of libraries in the Arduino IDE at Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries. Although it doesn't contain all the Arduino libraries in existence, I think there are around 1000 in there and new ones are being added almost daily. One nice thing about it is that it required some recent action from the author of the library to be added to the index so you know any library on that list is somewhat actively maintained. It also makes it very easy to install every library by simply clicking the "install" button and will give you a notification when a new version of any installed library is released.

Another good list of libraries can be found here:

The GitHub tags feature was only recently added so if a repository has a tag it means it is somewhat active.

Both of the above lists are exclusively libraries that have GitHub (or similar) repositories. I think this is always preferable to some random blog or Playground page since it means there is a mechanism for the users to easily report bugs and submit fixes/improvements. I find I can do a quick evaluation of the quality of a library I'm considering using without even testing it just by looking at its GitHub repository: open issues, responsiveness to issue reports/pull requests, date of last commit, quality of commits. You can also look at the forks network graph to see how other versions of the library compare.

There are also some categorized lists of libraries on the Arduino Playground:
Those are