Library for LSM6DS3 (IMU)

Hi everybody,

since the official library does not support the use of FIFO, I'm asking myself if it's possible to use the Sparkfun Library (GitHub - sparkfun/SparkFun_LSM6DS3_Arduino_Library: Arduino library for the LSM6DS3).

It is written for the use of an external module, how could I adapt it for the built-in LSM6DS3?

It would be worth a try:

  • Sparkfun uses “wire” - the normal external bus.
  • Nano 33 IOT uses “Wire1” - an internal I2C bus.

If you rename all instances of Wire. to Wire1. in the SparkFunLSM6DS3.cpp file, it might work. I used that in a similar Adafruit library.

But I have not testet it - good luck!