Library for MAC and AES


I checked the libraries available in: Libraries - Arduino Reference

I want to do AES encryption and Message Authentication code (MAC) in Arduino (Genuino). Can you advise me with approved/trusted libraries for these two algorithms?


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does google not work today?

How do you define "approved/trusted"?

Thanks for reply. I googled but find several implementations. I don't have experience which is better and some more experienced people can give advise and help.

what I mean by "approved/trusted" implementation is has been tested somehow. something like how Apple approve their Apps. I mean, if I picked "any" implementation form the internet, how can I know it was implemented correctly? I do not want to build something on mistakes.

That sounds like you did some good thinking. It implies imho that you should define your own tests to verify it works as you want it. That means finding a good implementation on PC/MAC and verify 1000’s of messages (send them encrypted and unencrypted and check on the receiving side).

for (int i = 0; i< 10000; i++)
str = generateString();
if (getAnswer == false ) beep!!!