library for OLED SH1106 I2C 128x64


I'm trying to make my 1,3" OLED SH1106 I2C 128x64 display run. So far, I found 4 libraries, all produced an error when compiling.

Can anyone recommend a library?

I've been pulling my hair out with a 128x64 Oled off ebay. Turns out it cannot run I2C, despite what was advertised/sold, and the pinouts on the screen are a bit incorrect. LOADS of threads on this , but consider not just library but the constructor you are using.
The SH1106 and SSD1306 seem very close if that helps any.
It finally fired up with U8Glib using a fairly generic constructor and pinout .. it took so many attempts I cant help more sorry.
U8G2 is a better idea if you can, as the amazing Oliver isn't supporting his first testament nowadays.
(cannot say his name without saying thanks.)

Go on. Post a link. I would bet that most Ebay displays will work.

If someone recognises the display, they can verify whether it works.


Here is a link:Ɵ-Raspberry-Pi/253081549017?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

I don't have any SH1106 displays. It looks fairly normal to me.

I suspect that Oliver's U8g2 library will support it.
And owners might recognise your display to say which constructor they use.


Hello everybody may be this video is helped you from ALIEXPRESS ..!