Library for PC Joysticks


is there a way to connect an old PC Joystick (the one with 15 pins) to an arduino board?
Maybe someone wrote already a library for that.

I would like to read the data like direction, button press an so on and convert this information
into control voltages, used by a musical synthesizer.


Search google for the joystick pinouts. The old joysticks are mainly pots and switches.

In your googling, the term you're looking for is "game port". That's the name for the standard 15-pin D connector interface used for old style joysticks predating the USB interface.

I founded an old joystick using a gameport and now I'm thinking what to do with it ^^ I found some useful informations on wiki: , there is a description of each pin. But be careful with the current, it can draw up to 575 mA when the arduino I-O ports can supply much less - see this link for more info:

mmh, does that mean this cant be done? I guess i would need a mega anyway, because of the 15 Pins a josystick has. I would like the ouput an on/off signal at 12V for the Buttons and a -8V - 8V for movement of the joystick.

Check this Arduino-PC-Gameport-HID