Library for TI TLC59108

I've been using TI's TLC59108 LED driver in a project. The chip has some nice capabilities, but its flexibility comes at the cost of an interface that's a bit cumbersome to use. I've wrapped the basic functionality (everything I've used so far, including chip initialization and individual-channel PWM commands) in an Arduino library at GitHub - chrylis/tlc59108: Arduino library for TI TLC59108 LED drivers, and I welcome comments or suggestions.

Nice Job!
I have tried your library and also wrote my own routines trying to learn the chip better.
Either way, I can't get the EFLAG register to show me open LEDs.
To test the EFLAG register, the circuit is breadboarded with 8 LEDs.
The registers are set ( Register (value); MODE1 (0x01), MODE2 (0x00),LEDOUT0 (0xFF), LEDOUT1 (0xFF) ).
All of the LEDs are then turned on using the PWM registers set to 0xFF..
With all 8 LEDs running at the highest setting, EFLAG returns b11111111.
When I pull a jumper that connects an LED to the TLC59108 and then reset the program to turn on all of the LEDs and then read EFLAG, it still returns b11111111 !
If I set any of the LEDs to less than 1/2 of the full current using the PWM registers and read EFLAG, those LEDs come up as 0's.
e.g. Set PWM5 to DEC 100 and then read EFLAG, I get b11011111.
I also tried substituting a 1k resistor for an LED (Rext set to 750 ohm for ~25 mA output). The 1K should give 5 mA and trigger an open on EFLAG. However, that didn't work.
It looks like EFLAG only detects low currents set through the PWM registers and not open LED connections nor low currents flowing through the LEDs.
Have you had any luck with EFLAG?