Library for Toy car remote

This library on H-bridge

will it function if we harvest the H-bridge section from this toy remote ?

Which piece do you want to “harvest” ? That drawing is conceptual, it’s likely laid out very differently on the board...
Recycling is good but an h-bridge does not cost much. A L298N board (a dual H-Bridge motor driver) goes for roughly 1€ from Asia including shipping

Yes H-Bridge is cheap, but when cannot wait for ebay to send can use this maybe ??

attempt to see your image:(you should upload here and use the image tag pointing to the uploaded resource)

if you can properly identify that part on the board, it looks reasonably like a transistor based H bridge. I don't see the freewheel diodes though, may be they are assumed to be attached to the motors in your drawing.

if you look on the internet you'll find H-bridge schema based on 8550 transistors or similar

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yes J-M-L exactly this is the circuit I have..the only difference is the diodes are IN4004 and output transistors are B882/D772 pair to deliver more power for bigger motors..what would be the best library for direction+speed+stop ?

The GitHub link in the post you pointed to leads to a 404: Page Not Found error.

The L298 H-Bridge has a separate "Enable" pin that can be used for PWM speed control. It looks like the library you want to use does PWM speed control and that is more complex when you have only two control inputs like the circuit you want to use. I don't think that library will be of much use.

I think you could set one input HIGH or LOW to set direction and PWM the other to set speed but I think that one direction will have 0=off and 255=full speed while the other direction will have 255=off and 0=full speed. It's not hard to fix it in software.

I’ve played probably only once many years ago with no library really needed with such a bridge... it’s more convenient to use ready made drivers :slight_smile:

There are multiple code examples on line, it’s really just about controlling the active path in the bridge

Here is one of the first hit in a google search you can look at (did not check for quality)

controlling an h bridge is very simple. you shouldn't need a library. google an H bridge tutorial.