Library help on a mac

I tried to install the time library but it won't show up. Here's what I did. I am on a Mac OSX.5.8. Installed Arduino 0.21. Made a new sketch, mostly blank, but put it in a folder named shuttle timer>sketch_nov27a. I then made a folder in the sketch_nov27a folder that is named library. I then moved the 3 time libraries to the library folder. I quit then restarted Arduino, opened the sketch but the time libraries aren't showing up in the sketch>import library list. What am I doing wrong?


Well silly me, I know I had done this before. I found the article I wrote on the OpenMoco site and found my instruction on installing to the Arduino Java libraries. The way to do it is, hold down the control button click on the Arduino app go down to show package contents and release. navigate through . . . contents>Resources>Java>libraries and copy into that library folder. For some reason I can't get the method outlined in the libraries page to work so that was my problem but this is the workaround. I don't remember how I found this but I know I was working on my OpenMoco TLE rig and this came up.

Thanks again