Library Manager always shows SD library 1.2.1 as updatable

I’m using 1.8.5 IDE and have the SD library 1.2.1 installed but it always says there is an update for it. Is this a known bug that I just can’t seem to google for? I’d hate to disable “check for updates”

Yes, it's a known issue. Here's the bug report:

Here's the workaround that allows you to leave update notifications enabled:

  • File > Examples > SD > CardInfo - this will open the CardInfo example sketch folder
  • Navigate up two folder levels to the SD folder
  • Open in a text editor
  • Change line 9 from:


  • Save the file

@pert: This is hugely helpful -- thanks!

It wasn't a big deal, but still very annoying to get the "please-update-your-SD-1.21-library-to-SD-1.20" popup every time I launched the IDE.