Library Manager has 50 almost random libs only. Missing important options

Arduino IDE Beta 4.

  1. Library manager has 50 entries only. Some of them looks very rare, but most popular simply not shown. Not possible to browse and find anything you need.
  2. There is no option to see installed libraries list, so, have no idea what can be used for the project. Include library refers to library manager with useless 50 libraries only.
  3. IDE shows built-in examples only. Inspecting installed libraries examples - the fastest, and, most of the time, the only way to learn library content and usage: very few libs have proper reference documentation. Not exist in new IDE. Why?
  4. No folding option for program text.
  5. No option to stop converting Tab to multiple spaces.

I have also noticed this. I guess it's because it's necessary to do some filtering of the list of >4000 libraries. The important thing to note is that your searches will from the full list of libraries, not of the ~50 that happen to be shown in the GUI. So I've never actually had a situation where the library I needed wasn't shown once I actually typed in a keyword for the search. It was only when I was just scrolling through the full list for no good reason.

This missing feature is tracked here:

This is something that will definitely be added in the near future. Even though Arduino IDE 2.x is still not ready to be a complete replacement for the classic Arduino IDE, the Arduino team decided that it was ready enough to make a public beta release in order to allow the whole community to get involved with the testing and development effort, in the spirit of open source.

In the Arduino IDE 2.0.0-beta.4 and earlier versions, the examples were only shown when you had a board selected. The reason is because the libraries that are used can depend on which board is selected (some are architecture-specific). In the classic Arduino IDE, a board is always selected, but in Arduino IDE 2.x, it is actually possible to have no board selected (this is also something that will be improved soon). This behavior of not showing the examples was confusing to some people so it was changed in the brand new 2.0.0-beta.5 release, which you can download right now from the Software page:
but I do recommend that you make sure to select a board before opening examples because otherwise you might end up using an example that is not compatible with your board.

There is one. Just hover your mouse pointer over the left margin of the code and you'll see a downward pointing carat adjacent to the nearest block beginning. Click that to fold or unfold the block.

Open the Command Palette via F1 or Ctrl + Shift + p and then search for "indent using tabs", then select that option.

It is also possible to customize the auto format feature according to your preference. You can learn about that here:
and here:

Thank you for your help, pert.
Switched to "indent using tabs", but IDE converting tabs to spaces anyway. No changes.
In the previous versions it can be stopped with "editor.tabs.expand=false" option, but new IDE does not have configuration file. I spent some time trying to find the way how to stop this behavior, which make difficult and uncomfortable using the keyboard only. I did not find any way to change that. It is really slowing down the editing by dealing with lot of spaces instead just few tabs.

After you select "Editor: Indent Using Tabs" from the command palette. You will be presented with another "Select tab size for current file" menu. You must select a tab size from that menu in order for the configuration to take effect. If you want the currently selected tab size, you can just click on that one.

That's correct. This is a complete rewrite of the Arduino IDE and it's now based on very different technology (Electron and Eclipse Theia), so the old preferences.txt is no longer used.

Thank you, pert!

You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance.

I really appreciate you taking the time to try out the beta Arduino IDE 2.x and share your valuable feedback. It's certainly not yet ready for a production release, but it is under very active development and the developers have been responsive to the input from the community. So I think that you will see a lot of improvements with each release.

I found another issue, related to the setting we discussed:
IDE does not remember the setting after restart. It keeps "Indent Using Tabs", but reverting back to default "2" tab size. Could you fix it in next release, please?
Thank you once again!

while you are enhancing: could we get a Recent Boards menu, so if a guy has only selected Uno, Mega, Nano and ESP32, he gets a short list of the few boards he actually uses, and does not have to search the whole circus when he only needs to see a few monkeys?

Hi. I am also able to reproduce this issue. You are welcome to open an issue on the GitHub repository here:
That will bring it to the attention of the IDE developers who are able to investigate and resolve the issue.

I see you have submitted a feature request:


You might be interested to learn that the community has submitted a proposal to add this functionality to the classic Arduino IDE, and that seems to have been well received by the Arduino developers:

In fact, one of the developers had previously done work on the same thing, which is even integrated into the Arduino IDE 1.9 beta build:

Of course, these don't directly apply to Arduino IDE 2.x, but this does indicate that there is some support for such a feature.

Thanks @cranez!

Glad to help, pert!

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