Library Manager in IDE 2.0 Beta 3

I'm trying to figure out how to filter the Library Manager to only show which libraries I have installed. In the old IDE you could do this, also you could filter to show which libraries need to be updated. Have these features been removed, or will they be added in a future Beta version?


Hi @thorlokk. It's not that they have been removed, but that they haven't been implemented yet. Arduino IDE 2.x is a complete remake of the Arduino IDE from scratch. It still hasn't reached full feature parity with the classic Arduino IDE (though it does have new features), but Arduino decided it was the right time to open it up for beta testing by the community.

I also very much miss this feature. Every time I load Arduino IDE 1.8.13, I end up with updatable library and boards notifications, when I didn't even realize I was using outdated versions in Arduinno IDE 2.x.

You are welcome to open a feature request in the tracker here:

That will make sure the Arduino developers are aware that it's missed and keep it on the roadmap.

Ok, thanks much for the response! I'm really liking the new IDE so far otherwise!

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The need to add this important missing capability to Library Manager is now being tracked by the Arduino IDE developers here: