library or exmaple of Servo motor(?)

I am happy to see exmaple for DC and step motors, but I truly expected to see Servo motor without hacking as well.

Is that any Arduino library for Servo motor like Wiring?
I would like to figuire this out hopely. :slight_smile:

Have a great day.

hi!, any news on this front? i just began today looking for a way on how to control 4 servo motors using the arduino board. hints on where to look appreciated!


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type: arduino servo

first link constains the code (tom igoe et al)

link #4 contains the code for 6 servos (gilad lotan)


Is there a plan to include the ability to change PWM frequency in the Arduino language? Having to do servo control by hand in the main loop of a program is a bit limiting, and 30K PWM (or now 1K in v004) is still way to fast for servos.

I started experimenting with changing timer1SetPrescaler() in wiring.c:main() and it does work… still it would be nice to have a higher level abstraction.

We might do it… It would have been handy in a couple of projects i’ve done.

btw you can change the frequency even at the end of the init() function… it should still work.

PS: this is an open source project… download the source… add the command and submit a patch to us
and we’ll add it to the main distribution :slight_smile: