library question

Hi, I am trying to understand more about libraries. The MPU6050 for example, in the MPU6050 header, there are a bunch of #defines such as

#define MPU6050_RA_XG_OFFS_TC 0x00 //[7] PWR_MODE, [6:1] XG_OFFS_TC, [0] OTP_BNK_VLD
#define MPU6050_RA_YG_OFFS_TC 0x01 //[7] PWR_MODE, [6:1] YG_OFFS_TC, [0] OTP_BNK_VLD
#define MPU6050_RA_ZG_OFFS_TC 0x02 //[7] PWR_MODE, [6:1] ZG_OFFS_TC, [0] OTP_BNK_VLD

where did these number 0x00, 0x01... come from? Are these hardware addresses? And how and where does the author of the library obtain these numbers?

Thanks in advance.