Library repository?

I am not sure if such a thing already exists, each and every time i search for it i find several repositories with a few libs, but nothing big…
How about the following offer…
I would like to make a Repository for Arduino Libraries with a small Website, maybe a Forum, a SVN Server and whatever is needed as well…
Would there be some interest for it?

I would like to make a Repository for Arduino Libraries with a small Website, maybe a Forum, a SVN Server and whatever is needed as well…

I think keeping the forum here would be better. A comprehensive respository for Arduino libraries would be good but being part of the would be preferable–but I suspect currently unlikely. Not sure if another SVN server host would be beneficial over options out there.

I seem to recall previous discussions about having a repository that would make library installation easier but don’t think that went anywhere.

A central place to find libraries would be nice though.


Well, we could talk about the forum of course, but at least having a central place where libraries are stored (outside the playground which is sometimes outdated imho) would be quite some benefit.
And i guess one could add this repo somehow into the website (Wiki?).

I just think that the problem atm is, that we have plenty of libs and snippets available, yet it is hard to find them when it is really needed. A small but efficient repository system should do the trick.
SVN is just some additional feature, but as i have some free capacities at the moment i would like to share them for such a goal…

I’d be willing to help out.

Would you be interested on having this on its own server or ona a pre existing service like google code or sourceforge or github?

at the moment (till at least December 31st) i have a server rented on which i could do this… its is highly possible that i keep on renting it afterwards, so i would rather try to rely on my own stuff than using Sforge.

That would be nice, i was actually starting to think to put some code in the playground section as i was searching for code everywhere.

@nachtwind: sure sounds good. The only thing is I find it hard to make a decent gui for svn (mostly cause i suck at graphical design), and therefore find it easier to integrate my site with another svn service. But otherwise the setup is pretty easy.

Other than just a repository for the library, what other features do you want to handle? Would each directory get its own author page? Commenting on the pages? login sysyem?

Also would you want to go with a web framework (ruby on rails, django, cakephp) or a ready built soultion (twiki, cms, modified bulletin board) ?

At the moment i am not quite sure what i should really do.
SVN is of course a nice thing to have, et if i think about it more deeply i see that it would be not what is needed here (imho) since codes are normally changing not that much/fast. Either a code works or it isnt published - thats my point of view here. And changes to such code are, in the code sizes we speak of, more often worth a full release than a checkin…

So if i did use SVN i would use a neat Script to have it on a webpage as well - everything else would be just not working.
One idea that crossed my mind today was using a Mediawiki with rights set up so users can register there, do their stuff, upload codes change everything they need and write documentations, discuss stuff etc.
Of course in the end it wouldnt be then much more than what we have on the playground, yet maybe people would consider updating it with more unstable or less tested code there as its just a 3rd party repository…
But still i am looking for a nice way to make it possible. The features i want to have at least are:

  • Multi User capable
  • Code Upload
    • Code presentation on the website?
  • Discussion
  • Pages for Documentation/examples
  • User friendly database for searching
  • Tags!
    (- SVN integration)

I agree. Also since a library is mostly worked on by one person, source control isn’t really a big issue.

Back a couple years ago before mediawiki was released I worked with twiki. Installing it at the time was a b*tch but overtime the installation package has got better. I never switched the mediawiki cause I heard it was resource intensive and didn’t have threaded comments. However looking at it now, it has extensive plugin support and would be way easier to setup as it uses a complete php backend which most servers have.

Should be pretty easy to setup and just a few template changes in order.

would’nt be a solution?
btw i am a hardware guy, so i could easilly be off track here :wink:

Nothing that has ‘google’ in its name can ever be a solution ;0)

Anyway, i would like to have something at hand that i can control much better - for example to add features and so on.

I think i will have a first idea uploaded tonight…

Alright, i have installed a first ‘Version’ under

Its based on Twiki and is not yet fully done (want to install a few more things into it). But that is the way to go i think.
Unfortunately it has still some (minor) bugs i am getting rid off (is it just me or does the EDIT button not work?)
Anyone who would like to help me with this Twiki (thanks for that idea darudude) is welcome :0)

try to make a page and your right the Edit don’t work! :frowning:

Alright… i tested it with a normal user.
The edit button is somewhat wrong still, will turn to that later as at the moment i am busy doing some university work…
Yet Editing and adding pages seems possible (with that newly created user).
There is a ‘Quick edit box’ where you can enter the name of the page you want to edit or create.
For example you could enter ‘PCF8574’ and could create the appropiate page or simply ‘index’ to change that alphabetical list.

I’m still open for suggestions and tips as i have never worked with Twiki before and am somewhat out of ideas how to do certian things (see the Edit button for example…)

@Nachtwind - What you have is TikiWiki, not twiki - I’ve never used TikiWiki, however, it seems like a decent solution. PM me the admin info and I’ll take a look at the edit button code, if you are having some trouble with it.

now that was some stupid mistake ><

I’ll see what i can do about it…

Allright, as i am not 100% satisfied with the current wiki i did set up i have just looked into twiki - man that now really is some sort of p.i.t.a. to install 0o

Anyway, i still got some ideas ^^

i did some test,
look at

@nachtwind - yeah its perl based and you need to be fairly comfortable with shell to install it properly.

Mediawiki is not a bad choice. It wasn’t created for a technical purpose, but with the amount of plugins avaiable for it currently, it can easily be modiied to do so.

Plus its a PHP+MYSql backend that should be really simple to set up.

EDIT: I see Patgadget already got mediawiki up and running

I had one up and running as well…
So, who wants to host it? ;0)

I’m free to do so, but in case someone else volunteers i’m happy as well just for the sake that such a thing exists ;0)