Library resource Lists

I am relatively new to Arduinos, and use them with schools to encourage the students into electronics, software, etc.
Arduinos seem to be great learning tools but developing more complex projects often falls foul of libraries using the same Interrupts, Timers, etc and clashing.

I wish to use PWM, IRRemote, I2C(Wire), SPI and probably a few others, with a MEGA2560 (Tons of memory & I/O-great), but they clash on Timers, Ints, etc.

It takes a long time to poke around in the library code to find which Timers, Pins, Ints, are being used and then mod the code to work.

My request is twofold -
(1) is there a comprehensive list of Libraries, Timers, Pins, etc, used by the Libraries ?
(2) Could Authors perhaps put a "Resource Use" list at the start of, say, their Library.h code as a matter of policy.

I see, e.g. in one module of IRRemote, that one can use different Timers - this is very helpful but this takes a bit of finding - it would be better if this was highlighted in one set place per Library.

(1) No, not as far as I know. And, I agree, it can be a real PITA.

(2) It would be nice, but who would tell them and how might it be enforced?