Library Size

Very happy with library Ucglib for my ST7735 128x160 display. How can I reduce the size of this library, so that its only works with the ST7735. Need to loose 2k

Libraries typically only load the material required. An example of this is where you need to state the display type in the programme, thereby having the library omit surplus code for other displays on compilation. You may find there is a suitable alternative library that is more efficient but 2k is a lot to shed and, if you are in a situation like this, I bet 2k won’t be enough. Who knows what you’ve got or what you want to do, but it might be time to get a Mega.

Had an idea that was the case. Running a Mega as > 32K but want to use a Micro due to board size!

Yes, that’s what I meant. I don’t know anything about Micros but you may find you can develop what you want on a Mega and then make up a homebrew that is a lot more compact.

There could be other areas to save memory... Post your sketch and you will get a lot of suggestions. Is this a cross post

You could try the new AVR tool chain with GCC 4.8.1;!msg/developers/21G5w2HbUOg/bJtG94vEEhkJ


What can it do for the size of my sketch? Is the a Mac OSX version?

Hum, I guess you did not read the info on the link. The answers are yes reduction by 10-20% or even more and yes there is a Mac OSX version. More details on the link. Cheers!

I tried to develop Ucglib with the smallest possible footprint. But sure, it still requires some flash rom memory. Your code also make use of floating point. That also eats up a lot of memory. And the: You use some other libs. What about their size. One idea: Using double and float requires more memory than only double or float variables. You can also try to use only one font, which will also reduce the flash rom size.