Library to controll LCD Displays with 2 pins (I2C)

Hi, I've ported the official LiquidCrystal library to control the LCD's via the I2C bus and one or two PCF7584 (generic 8 input/output I2C chip). I've write this for my next project, in witch I'm already using an I2C bus and I need to add an LCD driver. In that way, I don't need any additional pin from arduino (just analog 4 and 5 I'm already using). The library is very easy to use because once the object is constructed, the rest of the code is exactly the same as with the original library. You have an explanation of the library, the source code and some samples here I think it can be useful for many people. Feel free to use it. Feedback is welcome. Enjoy!

Very useful! Thanks

Excellent work. Thanks.

Hi again, I've been looking the Arduino Playground and I think this library could be published there. I've created an account but I'm not able to edit the corresponding page. Does anybody know how to edit the Playground pages? Thanks.