Library to Operate/Control High Torque Rhino Servo DC Motor

Hello all,

I have developed a library for operating High Torque Rhino Servo DC Motors (available at Links:

The motor is rugged, provides high torque, has zero backlash, and is impressively precise for its price range. It consists of a base motor, a gear train, and a microcontroller unit (with closed-loop PID control), all built-in, which makes it a highly functional motor for varied applications, especially robotics.

Do check out the library and provide your feedback

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Thanks for sharing.

There is another current Thread in which someone is struggling with a Rhino system.


Hi samvrit, thanks for sharing. I suspect that your hard work will be very helpful to me. Unfortunately, the link to your library documentation is no longer available. Would you be able to share it with me by some other means?

Much appreciated, Liam