Library UTFT.h : Help adding support for arduino zero


Just purchased an ILI9488 based TFT touch screen only to find out that my SAMD21 based arduino (arduino zero clone) board is not supported by the utft.h library!
Having failed to find an alternative library that supports both SAMD21 chips as well as the ILI9488, I decided to try adding support for arduino zero to UTFT.h library.

However it looks like my programming skills are way behind whats needed for this task!

Now…having bypassed the initial platform #Ifdef checks in the UFTF.cpp file, I am now faced with adding the specific hardware file in the corresponding /hardware folder of the library.

There are some other ARM architecture files like as below:


So I thought Id copy and rename one of these as HW_SAMD21.h for starters and try to modify if for this specific chip.
File attached.

Is this the …right way (!) to go about it ?
Could someone point me towards the right direction in modifying this file?

HW_SAMD21.h (6.0 KB)

guh…Well… use this?

Support SAMD21 and ILI9488

will give it a try. thanks!

Spend a few hours trying to get this working…

The provided examples don’t even compile!
There were simple mistakes within the library or definition files (eg missing a terminating colon) that i easily fixed but this goes to show that they were never properly tested.
Examples now do compile but I could never get the display to show anything.
In addition uploading the examples I somehow managed to get the bootloader corrupted and I had to burn it again!

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