Library with ATMEGA328P-PU

I am trying to find a download of a library for Cadsoft Eagle that has the ATMEGA328P-PU on it. I have found multiple libraries with everything but that specific model. I have also tried for an hour to find this mythical AVA.LBR library which never gives a downloadable file, only many lines of code on the screen. Of course when I paste it into a file and name that file ava.lbr and install it into cadsoft EAGLE all the parts come up but wont work when I click on them. Please help.

Also...I bought some of those sockets that you can solder to the board then just plug the ATMEGA into it. I would like to use those in Cadsoft Eagle also. What is the proper name for them and how do I find them in the Library if it is even in there please?

Thank You

Hi! I'm using the part from SparkFun-DigitalIC library. Download from here:

You don't need to add IC sockets in Eagle, just insert the IC into your schematic and solder the socket in its place.

I added a lot of spark fun Libraries but can't find that specific chip.

Ok so I found another chip in the ATMEL Library that says it's a DIL28-3. Will these be suitable? What does the -3 Mean? looks like the symbol is missing some legs. Why does it have to be so damn difficult just to get a part for a super common IC?

I added a lot of spark fun Libraries but can’t find that specific chip.

I’m pretty sure it can be found in the SparkFun-DigitalIC library. Try typing atmega in the search field and make sure you have the library added to your project.

The element14 library for Atmel parts has it (and scores of other Atmel parts) - the element14 libraries in general are really useful. They make you sign up to download them, but all you have to do to sign up is confirm email address, they don't make you jump through any further hoops.

The 3 is the spacing between the rows of pins (0.3" - the usual)

And hear I thought DIP(AKA Dill) packages had standard spacing? Silly me.