library won't show up on windows 7?


I've been trying to get the Dallas Temperature library to show up but for the life of me I can't figure what's wrong?

I was using it fine on my windows XP but now I'm trying it on windows 7 64-bit. I installed it in the "libraries" just as before so it should work no? :-/

oops, I guess this could've went into the software forums. my bad.

Do any libraries show up when you select Sketch + Import library...? If so, use windows exploder to find where one of them is actually installed, and install the Dallas Temperature library in the same place.

thanks for the fast reply,

All of the pre-installed libraries show up, they're located is the same folder that the Dallas one is in.

I tried to copy and paste as well as downloading and extracting a completely new file, still no luck?

edit: I also tried making a new "test" folder and that doesn't show either

Is the drive a mapped drive? Do you have permissions to write to the directory? The failure to create a folder there implies no. Do you have permission to read from the directory?

Can you install other libraries, like NewSoftSerial for instance?

yep, that was it!

Arduino was extracted in the "documents" folder. I transferred it over to the 'c' drive and it works! I guess I didn't think it would matter seeing as how I was running arduino in it's own folder on the desktop with XP.