Library's not included in command line compile


I need to compile and upload programs via the command line. This works most of the time, but when a program uses an added library the library files aren’t included. The same file compiles fine through the IDE. Is there a way for command line compiles to have access to the libraries added in the IDE?

The command I’m using is like:

Arduino.exe --upload --verbose --port COM6 --board arduino:avr:nano file.ino

Thanks for any insight!

I've never used Arduino from the command-line, but a quick search yielded this:-

--install-library library name[:version]

More info here:- ARDUINO(1)

I just uploaded a sketch that includes a bunch of different libraries via command line with Arduino IDE 1.6.6 and it worked fine. Are you using an old version of the IDE?

I was using a slightly older version of the software, after an upgrade it seems to be working. Thanks for the replies!