libserial / C++ serial communications

Here is what I want to do:

I've got a Sanguino (ATmega644-based) that is connected to an external I2C EEPROM, on which I want to write some massive data, which are on my computer. (I can't upload it on the board and transfer it).

I've been looking for serial communications enabling for C++ programs, and I tried LibSerial, which does not work. I don't know actually how it is meant to work, but the example given does nothing.

The led on the Sanguino board blinks as if I'm trying to establish a serial connexion (like with Serial Monitor on Arduino IDE), but my terminal keeps holding the focus.

Did some of you succeed to make libserial work?

My config: Macbook Intel - Leopard - Arduino 13 FTDI converter cable from Sparkfun

For those who are interested, this code works:

It just needs a little tweaking (wait for the Arduino to reboot before starting to talk)...