LibTomMath with AT(X)Mega

As some of the bigger AT(X)Mega are basically the only 8-bit MCUs with enough RAM and ROM
and a very large user-base that are able, in theory at least, to run e.g.: RSA with the help of a
stripped down version of LibTomMath, a public domain big-integer library.
Are there any projects out there using LibTomMath? (Google didn't find any, but it could be just me, who
cannot treat Google the right way; or it is private)

Why do I ask? I am one of the developers of LibTomMath and we plan to drop support for 8-bit.
We won't do it if enough and/or important projects use it.

If you need it yourself: feel free to scream at us at issue 353 directly. (MS had bought Github, so cursing and swearing is not allowed anymore, sorry for that.)