libusb for arduino to interface with a candybar nokia phone


Have anyone tried interfacing Arduino Uno with a nokia micro usb phone such as 3110 classic. I have googled/looked up the availability of libusb library for arduino, but could not find any. If anyone has tried this, please share your recommendations/suggestions.


If you mean can the Arduino operate as a USB host, the answer is Yes and No

The newer Arduino Due can operate as a USB host. See

But the AVR based boards can't do this without external hardware

But thats only half the battle. You'd still need to work out how to communicate with the device in question, e.g. possibly port code across, but as the AVR based Arduino's don't have very much ram or program memory, I suspect any code you find, may not fit into the available memory.

I suspect you may be better off using a Raspberry PI