Lidar 360 and Arduino Mega


I would like to make selfdriving car to avoid things and even going on map, but I am new maker. Could I make this well only with Arduino Mega and Lidar 360 2D sensor?
I will be very happy to hear your advices! Thank you very much!

Define "car".
Define "things".
Define "well".

If you figure it out, tell Tesla.

So , I am sorry:

Small car, 2 dc motors with entcoder, motor driver, one omni wheel, Arduino, battery

by moving indoor avoiding chairs, tables, finding doors, walls, people etc, also by moving outside avoiding trees, or fence in my yard etc.
How can I make the small robot car to see what is surrounding it, if necessary to avoiding and where to go on map , or to the wish from me point in the house?

Start by doing some research on line. Use your favorite search engine to find the very large number of pages and articles describing "wheeled robot navigation" "robot obstacle avoidance" "simultaneous localization and mapping" etc.

Ok, thank You for the answer! I saw already some, but would like to get some advices and experience also from here.

My experience of SLAM is limited, but I'd go for as much easily-accessible R/W memory as I can get.