LIDAR - Laser Rangefinder

Trying to figure out if this is possible with an Arduino, and if it is, if someone could offer me some guidance that would be great.

Use a scan engine from a laser scanner - so it would be a line laser - to build a 2D map of a room. Eventually I would like to build a 3D map.

  • Use a motor to spin the laser in a circle - this will handle the mapping

  • It is going to be a line laser - so I'm thinking I may need to start off going for the 3D map

  • For the 3D map I have the idea of using ROS RViz -

  • For SLAM (Simultaneous localization and mapping) I had read about using triangulation using a webcam - Webcam Based DIY Laser Rangefinder - Todd Danko

  • I'm thinking I could apply the same concept to the scan engine with the distance between the laser and the focal point of the sensor

Here are some of the articles that I have been reading:

I have a lot of concepts here, it's a matter of meshing them together. Using a line laser might be tricky, because then how would I measure the distance for every part of the laser?

Hoping to get your opinions and 2cents about all of this.

did you see this device? -

No I had not. That's pretty cool, however I would like to try and build it myself. I guess I could use that as a fall back