Lidar lite 2 rangefinder module

I ordered one of these in 2014 and have been on backorder ever since.

Anyone have one ?

I was told they had fallen foul of DOC export restrictions but cannot confirm it.

Anyone know the situation please ?

Of course, not knowing where you live doesn’t help explanation of export restrictions.

However, the availability problem seems to be due to pulsedlight3d having been recently bought up by Garmin, so who knows what’s going on there with the changeover.

I bought one of the V1 Lites last summer, and it’s quite cool, and easy to use. I’m using it on one of my robots, mounted on a pan’n’tilt servo pod. The picture attached shows a horizontal panning scan on the bottom, plus a 3D scan overlaid on top, that I made. The 3D scan is 180 deg wide by 45 deg tall, and is approx 44x12 samples. Darker colors are further distance. It took a few 10s of seconds, as I did not try to optimize the servo movements, so was not at all “instantaneous” :-). It was just for experiment, as I don’t plan to use the 3D scan, only the horizontal pan in practice.

Thanks , i am in the uk.

I have discovered that Garmin have marked them as EOL and sparkfun have discontinued them now.

Not sure what happened with my order though, it was eventually refunded.

I bought mine from Robotshop in CA, but they're also OoS.