LidarLite 3D map rendering

Hi guys, I'm using a lidarlite V2 to build a 3D mapping system, like this

But I'm stuck with the 3D rendering =((. Actually I dont know how to do it. I can extract value from serial port, but how to continue from then. Please help.
P/s: The value for distance read from lidarlite V2 seems a little bit wrong (+/- 10,20 cm). Any suggestion for improvement.

Thank a lot. Any help is appreciated


I've watched the video and there are all kinds of links in the description.
Why not start there ?

The output is one line per data point, containing three values separated by commas:

  • Altitude (angle above horizon) in degrees
  • Azimuth (angle from 'forward') in degrees (two decimal places)
  • Distance (whatever units the library returns)

Write the data into a file with a .csv (Comma Separated Values) extension.
Import the data into a spreadsheet.
Use some basic trigonometry to calculate X, Y, and Z coordinates for each point.
If your spreadsheet program can do it, display the points as a point cloud.