LIFA quadrature encoder

I want to control the speed of motor. I have an arduino mega 2560. The arduino job is to read quadrature encoder’s data and subsequently data is picked up by labVIEW 2014. i have used installed LIFA quadrature library which probably uses <encoder.h> to read the encoder .As far as I know <encoder.h> uses X4 encoding technique .I have an encoder which has got 2500 counts per revolution. will the arduino is fast enough to read the data(4x2500) and then transfers it to labVIEW at the baudrate of 115200…or will it miss the counts …?

Please help. :frowning:

take a look:

If this is a fast rotating motor, you may read just one edge.

if afraid of missing, use external counter, that will run independant and take the value in when possible.