Life after Arduino?

Hi all,

I have built several home projects using the Arduino board; a temperature alerter, infrared recorder & emitter etc…
But since i only have one arduino board, i need to re-assemble each project when i want to use it.
I would like my finished projects to work indepentantly of the arduino, freeing it up so I can work on other stuff…

Is there any way of doing this? anybody out there with any advice?

I suppose I could easily just buy more arduino boards, but that would be a little expensive, bulky, and a little overkill would it?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Rob, My solution to that problem was to buy a few of [u]these[/u] . There are various alternatives such as the [u]boarduino[/u]

Kits of all the parts are available if that is more convenient.

The arduino mini is also useful in this kind of projects

If you don't need more than 8MHz of processing power you can just load the Arduino lilypad bootloader onto an ATMega168 chip and run it directly. That way it uses the internal resonator as the clock and doesn't even require a crystal. I've done that for a few simple projects and it works great. If you rely on the nice additional power out pins and all that the other boards have then use them. Otherwise for a minimal circuit just use a single ATMega168 (or 168v for lower power) chip.

actually i will be going down the single atmega168 path, without the arduino. The reason i got into arduino in the first place was because using avr's alone seemed a bit daunting. but now after using arduino for over a month now, it all makes much more sense to me now. i feel like im removing the training wheels :)