LifeClock - short run kit

Since I had the usual stack of leftover PCBs from Seeed, I decided to buy up the parts for the rest of the boards and offer it as a kit on Tindie. It's a (mostly) Arduino-compatible ATmega328 board with clock & sensors that drives a charlieplexed 10x11 grid of 5mm LEDs. It's pretty easy to put together, and the default firmware plays Conway's Life between displaying the time & temperature. The graphics library is fairly complete with support for 7 brightnesses per pixel and the usual line/box/circle drawing routines, although for the most part the basic display is currently just banging pixels to the display directly. There's a font handler than can scroll text across the display, as well.

Comms are handled through an FTDI header while power is provided over USB or the FTDI connector.