Lifegraph: A new library for connecting to JSON APIs like Facebook

After using the WiFlyHQ library for a couple of socially connected devices, I decided to wrap up the useful parts so other people can connect to Facebook, or any other JSON API.

The source code and examples are here: GitHub - lifegraph/arduino-lifegraph: A WiFi library for Arduino to connect to the Internet, Facebook, and Lifegraph Labs..

A tutorial for setting up an Arduino and making a call to Facebook is here: GitHub - lifegraph/arduino-wifi-setup: Tutorial for setting up an Arduino, installing libraries, and connecting to Wifi.
More tutorials:

Give it a try, and let me know what you think. I'll keep adding features to make this the most useful.

  // Make an HTTP request for
  Facebook.get ( NULL, "lifegraphlabs" );
  int status_code = Facebook.request();
  // The request is successful if it returns an HTTP status code
  // of "200" (HTTP OK). Update the light accordingly.
  digitalWrite(light, status_code == 200 ? HIGH : LOW);

  // Notify terminal of our status.
  Serial.print("HTTP Status Code: ");

Is this library work with ethernet shield

More tutorials: <<< link is not valid any more, gives an italian bank