Lifetime of SDCard if only read with intensity high and continuous!

Hello, I intend to use sdcard as ROM . As far as I know that flash has ~100.000 program/erase cycles. But I don't know about read cycle. In my project, I have used a Microcontroller to interface with sdcard, however only read(not write) data from sdcard then load to internal RAM of Microcontroller and further processing. This operation is repeated in a infinite loop (thus I have compare it as act of RAM which works with intensity high and continuous). And my question is it has any limit of read cycle as with write operation and life time of sdcard when compare with sdram in the case of use as above description?


write is not the same as read

write "burns" connections

read just checks bits in a grid

though I dont know the answer to your question

Read from an sdcard is unlimited. Lifetime of an electronic device depends on many factors. Guarenteed lifetime of the Data stored on an sdcard might be 10 years under normal condition (this does not mean lifetime of an electronic device). Consult the vendor's recommendation..

thanks! and anyone to tried this same before?