Lift Panel TFT screen project

I make props and models for Film and TV I'm currently doing a lift inertia and creating a panel to show the lift is moving. I'm looking for someone that can write the code for me, this will be paid.

We need a TFT display that will show a background image and scroll numbers in front of the background.

I’m looking at using something like this:

And an Arduino Uno

and I would want 2 push buttons to control the action and also 2 relays. This is what needs to happen:

  1. Power on

  2. Screen displays company logo and β€œloading” bar

  3. Background image appears on screen

  4. Letter β€œG” appears
    a. If button 1 is pushed:
    i. β€œG” scrolls down – top to bottom – and number β€œ1” comes into view
    ii. Relay 1 should activate whilst the text is scrolling down

    b. If Button 2 is pushed:
    i. β€œG” scrolls Up – bottom to top – and number β€œ-1” comes into view
    ii. Relay 2 should activate whilst the text is scrolling up

  5. This needs to be able to continue infinitely either counting up or down when either button is pushed.

Do you think this all sounds achievable ?

We may need to add some functions, for example a long press of button 1 will jump up 10 numbers, a long press of button 2 will jump down 10 numbers, a long press of both buttons at the same time will reset back to β€œG”. Something along those lines.

I will need to able in the code to easily adjust the background image, the font and colour of the numbers and the scrolling speed. And the time the relays are activated for

If you could also let me know how much it will cost for you to write this code.

Many thanks,

James Churches

It may prove tricky to find someone with experience using that display which makes the feasibility response a definite maybe.

You may need to split this into two parts, one to answer the feasibility question and a second to actually build the system.

I'll volunteer.

More than capable of doing this. I feel a phone call would be easiest. Please let me how you'd like to be contacted. Or feel free to email me as well (email in my profile)

I'm really curious as to how you will manage the dynamic overlay with the limited amount of RAM available. Not being snarky, genuinely curious.

I'll be able to answer this once I have a better understanding of the total project. However, given the OPs requirements, this won't be an issue.

Well this forced me to do some digging and it was worthwhile. I learned that you can indeed read back the TFT frame buffer. That means scrolling text over a bitmap is easier than it seemed to me at first and doable without large amounts of RAM!

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