LIFX LED Z-Strips Program

Hi I purchased LIFX LED Z strips.

I would like to program them to change from color scene to color scene. Their app doesn't seem to allow for this so I thought maybe it is possible to program it in arduino software and connect to my LIFX LED kit? But I don't know how to figure out what watts my led strips are and if it would damage them if plugged into arduino? Is it even possible?

I purchased the LIFX because I wanted really bright strong high quality leds, maybe there is another strip I should have bought if I want to program with Arduino?

Maybe there is another option? Like another software that can be used with my lifx for my control?


I, and I suspect many others, have not come across this type of LED. So first think is if you can post a link to where you got them from. Better if you can get it is the data sheet for them. That should show us what sort of signal you need to drive them. Also the current might be large so we need to know how many you have.

The normal type of addressable strips used is the WS2812 otherwise known as Neopixels.

Appears to be an aggressive advertising campaign for perfectly standard addressable LED strips. Website contains no actual illustrations of the strips themselves - not surprisingly given the nature of the hype - and no specifications but some graphics of the cabling indicate four wires so may be WS2801 to avoid timing problems and the may also be (quite likely) a consequence of using an ESP8266 to control them.

I very much doubt they are intended to be hackable.

And that is about as much time as should be spent on this problem. :grinning: