Light and motion sensor project

Can anyone help me with a code? I am new to this arduino coding and I need to have one motion sensor working with a light sensor and a couple LED's one red and the other blue. I need for when the motion sensor is tripped in the daytime to turn on the red led and for when the light sensor senses it's dark outside for the motion sensor when tripped turn on the blue light. I plugged in the light sensor in my room real quick with an arduino uno R3 and got values of 429 when the light on is in my room and 12 when the lights and only the monitor is on to read the values.

Ok so you have the light sensor sorted it seems. Something like this?

Do you have the motion sensor working? If not and it's a PIR, then this will help.

To combine the two, your logic will look something like this. This is pseudo code...

if motionSensor is high and light sensor over 400
     switch on red led

if motionSensor is high and light sensor under 100
     switch on blue led

if motionSensor is low
     switch off red led
    switch off blue led

You'll need to read up on if

Yes it is a PIR sensor and I wrote the code like this and it seemed to work but both the lights turn on when it's dark and when its light in the room they both light up but the blue light stays on for like a half second and shuts off while the red stays for four seconds.
Sorry, I didn't know how to post the code my bad.

Please post ALL the code not just loop(), and use code tags.

Select the code, hit the # icon above the ;), then

//your code
will look}

like this

Also a schematic may help.

I worked on the code and got it to work but now the blue light is dim when my laptop light is on but when the display is off it brightens all the way up. I wanted for it to stay on bright, I will post the whole code soon.