Light Bulb 120vac to DC


Im going to attempt to create a LED light bulb and need some guidance. I’ve attached an image to better illustrate what Im trying to achieve and I hope this is the right topic for this post.

The socket that the light bulb screws into is 120 volts AC and I need a way to reduce this current to control the LEDs from a prototyping board I’ll create.

I had 2 thoughts in mind?

  1. using a solid state relay found here:

  2. possibly using resisters? 6,800 ohm (but this doesn’t seem practical & would probably destroy everything)

Would 1) above be the right way to go?
Each LED is a 5mm 4 pin RGB, with 20mA and forward voltage of 2.0 for the lowest one which is red.

Right now Im in the theory stages and have many questions one being the safest way to reduce the current for the leds (and the proto board) within a lightbulb fixture.

Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!

Buy a step down transformer or use an old power supply, so there's no high voltage lines..

You show your LEDs wired in parallel. Each LED requires a means of controlling its current so LEDs in parallel with no individual current control will not work. If you wire the LEDs in series a single current controller will suffice but any LED failing will stop all the rest operating. Might I suggest you cheat slightly by dismantling and looking at how an existing LED mains light is constructed and then redesign from there.

Your absolutely correct. For now Im just trying to learn and not physically attempting this until I fully understand everything that goes into it.

Thank you, Im going to start researching them asap!

I’ve dismantled one that I purchased and surprisingly they use a led chipset (led board) but ill go with LEDs in parallel and control each, I also now have somewhat of an idea of whats inside but still have much to learn.

I greatly appreciate all of the advice and will try and weed my way through all of this and post back when I get stumped and again its greatly appreciated!!!