Light dimmer according to the intensity of voice/sound

I need to have a light (possibly a vintage light bulb like an Edison one, e.g. this) to dim according to the intensity of the sound. In my case it would be voice (e.g. from a microphone input) but of course it can be any kind of sound. The higher the intensity (that is the volume, not the pitch), the dimmer the light. As if your electrical system couldn’t bear the full load and tension goes down.

I could use 220 V dimming light(s) or even better 12 V light(s) to avoid the risk of handling high voltages. I tried to look on the internet but I haven't really found anything. Anyone could help?

What about this:-

On the audio side just use an envelope follower on the input to get the peak signal level. Envelope detector - Wikipedia

And for following the envelope I might use the envelope output of a SparkFun Sound Detector?


And what about this (AC Light Dimmer Module, 1 Channel, 3.3V/5V logic, AC 50/60hz, 220V/110V) for dimming control?

Looks OK.