Light Meter to control Motor

I am looking to use an Arduino to control a motor based on ambient light intensity. Eventually I'll simplify for embedded OEM type application.

I want it to simply turn on the motor in one direction or the other until it reaches a particular set point of light. The motor will move a window covering to control the amount of light being allowed in. Maybe having to move it in little bits to fine tune the light level being allowed through

I'm looking at a couple of TAOS chips, one light to digital, one light to frequency. Any suggestions which may be more suitable?

Side-note: I am VERY much a beginner with the Ardu, programming, physical computing.....all of it. I was thrown into the project feet first so I'm having to play catch up.

Thanks all Byron :-?

Probably easier to read the digital device via I2C, than to try to convert frequency to a numeric value. I use the Taos TSL2563 device, and it's quite simple to talk to. The datasheet even has 'C' examples.

Wow, now that I get to looking, I'm in info overload. I find the 2563's, 4 of them...

In laymans terms, what's the significant difference between all these chips?

Much obliged, Byron