Light of the TFT is unstable

In the following configuration, it's a gonna TFT.

  • Arduino UNO
  • SAMSUNG S6D02A1(ST7735)

Power supply are running at 5V.

Cause I do not know. Nice to meet you.

This is basically "I have a problem, why does it not work?" We need information. A circuit, photo, program, a description of the fault?


Is anything else being switched that could be changing the load on the power supply?

Measure the voltage going to the TFT, is it stable?

Are you PWMing the backlight?

What kind of backlighting technology does it use? If LEDs, that would suggest unstable supply voltage. If EL/CCFL, that often indicates that the inverter is shoddy, defective, or failing.

No experience with these displays, but I've seen current limiting resistors mentioned in other posts. Don't know if the backlight LED has one, or if it's rated for a 3.3volt Arduino. I suggest you do a search by entering the model nr of the display in the search box on top of this page. Leo..

I up the photo of hardware wiring.

GND of the TFT side, not wiring so do not know what should I connect to anywhere in the UNO side.
Once attached to the GND of UNO side, the screen of the TFT side has become white. Where it is the correct answer to insert this?

In addition, although not convey a still image, the screen becomes dark on a regular basis .

The program, running the “TFTDisplayText” of the sample .

This situation is over.
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Can you post a link to the data/specification of the TFT, also where you got the wiring connections.

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I’m sorry.
It will link the image of the pin header side.

Now, we use a 16-pin header on the right side.

Your GND pin is not connected... I see it hanging in air.. so having it working at all is pure luck. Connect the GND wire from the Display Board to the GND pins near the 5V pin on arduino. GND of devices always needs to be connected together. We call this... "common ground"

Which GND pin? Pick one... all the same.

Is ma2kaz. Pretty time, took but I was able to resolve. S6D02A1 to (ST7735 manufactured by Samsung), there was backlight. Backlight, it had to inserted the pins of the analog. I was worried about not notice it.

Now, it is also out of the screen. thank you everyone.