light sensors and the arduino

hi i have been working with my schools make controller board and we have been using the light sensors that they sell. here is a link to it . i am thinking of buying an arduino and i was wondering if i could use the same type of photocell as the make uses. i was also wondering if anybody know how compatible the aurduino is with flash.


hi, i'm pretty new at this, but all that looks like is a simplified photocell, instead of connecting a digital input, it looks like you can connect 5v to it one side, and connect ground to the other side, and use the middle to connect it to an analog input to give you numerical data ( which is really good )

but i really cant be sure unless i have it with me, and i try to connect it. ask your teacher, or whoever knows alot of stuff what the wires are, ask if one is power, one is ground, and one is data

hope this helped :)


just saw the pic again, and i'm pretty sure that what i explained above is what it is.

so yes, this can be connected to the arduino, good luck!

It should work. Just hook up 5 volts, your ground, and the signal to one of the analog in pin's and you should be able to get a reading. The how-to link shows just hooking up power, ground, and analog 0 on the Make controller kit.

Though I have no experience with this light sensor.

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exactly :)