Light Switch With Capacitor Touch

Hi there,

I am creating a light switch controlled by arduino. I have all the hardware and everything in place I am just looking for a light switch cover that has a capacituve button on it. I would make it myself but I would like it to look visually appealing. Does anyone know where I can get something that literally just has a capacitive button on it and a 3 wires (postive, negative and control). I have tried searching every where and cant find anything. So who ever finds it would be a great help.


You should try capacitive touch sensor but I'm afraid its not that pretty and its also a little bigger in size.

Yea i was also thinking of maybe getting a black piece of glass and putting it over the capacitor switch. However, any thoughts if that would work also anywhere I can get one already cut the dimensions of the light switch. From what I measured it's about 11 cm x 7 cm