Light Timer with Keypad

I am trying to make my Arduino turn on or trip 2 relays connected to lights, I would like it on for 2 hours when I put in in one of 10 codes on the number pad. and then have my display above the keypad that says how much time is remaining when a correct 6 digit code has been inputted. If a wrong code has been tried it would say invalid code please call 999-999-9999 for help. I would also Like it to connect to my wifi and to send me an email with what code was used to turn on the lights and what time or an email that says an invalid code was tried. or if an email is not possible then to have a log of what code and when a code was used. that I can download once a month.

Any help would be appreciated.


Have you made the examples for keypad and lcd work?

How much Arduino/C do you know?