Light Tracking and Motor Function Issues

So, this is just an ordinary plain and simple blue bot that tracks light. I followed a guide and made it for fun. Though, I am curious about this one issue that persists. When directing my flashlight on one photoresistor, the opposite wheel spins quite fast. When doing flashing the light on the other photoresistor, the wheel spins 1/2 the speed of the other. Well, to clarify more, it spins, but barely. I double checked everything on the breadboard. If anyone can help, that will be great. (This is a kit from Science Buddies)

This is a normal blue bot with a 4xAA battery, and a breadboard mounted at the top. No Arduino, no coding, just photoresistors, jumper wires, diodes, motors, MOSFETs, power switch, potentiometers.

18 hours of no reply raises a flag that Your question is not clear enough to be understood.

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