light up jacket

hello Im a student trying to do a programing project but i dont really know programming well enough to do what i want. I want to make a Chris jericho jacket that lights up and strobes. I just need Guidence on what i will need and how i should do the coding for the lights. please help if you have time.
Thank You.

You can buy the LED light strips, controller and a remote control at low cost that will do a variety of strobe patterns, no need for an Arduino.

Have you tried them ?

And as for doing your own coding for LED strips there must be lots of examples to be found via a Google search.

When LEDs started to appear as relativly low cost items in the mid 70s (Fairchild ?), I did something daft, fitted some LEDs into a bobble hat, used a PP3 as the power supply and a 555 timer to flash the LEDs. It was suspended on a bit of stripboard inside the hat.

Every one though it was weird as LEDs were pretty much unknown amonst the public then.

I recreated the idea recently using LED strips, not only are they many many timer brighter, you can make them do all sorts of multicolour fading patterns. How things have changed in 40 years.

In 'Topics' there is a section on E-Textiles and Craft. If you post there you may get more responses from people who know about integrating electronics and clothes.

It might be worth your while looking up electroluminescent wire as well, although the wire uses AC it has been used in clothing.