Light-weight Encoder menu?

Hi All, before getting down to write my own, I thought I would ask here first.

Does anyone know of a light-weight menu system for a 4-line LCD + Encoder with button-switch?

I have found quite a few but just compiling the examples runs to about 55% of memory. They are quite extensive and comprehensive but I just need 12 line items to slide within the 4 LCD lines. Some have numeric data to roll through and some have Yes/No. e.g.

temp to set 50
pump on Y
door closed N
low warning 34
high warning 102
alarm set Y

Do those examples use the F() macro for prompt strings?

Designed for 1 and 2 line displays, so may not be what you are looking for:

marco_c: Designed for 1 and 2 line displays, so may not be what you are looking for:

Thanks, but does not seem lightweight. The single example will not run without the dependencies below. Which, by the way are not included with the GIt-Download and must be gathered and installed separately.

Not what I would call "quality" software when they do not include all the requirements to test, especially so since all are all written the same person wrote.

// External Dependencies // --------------------- // - MD_UISwitch library for digital and analog switches at // - MD_REncoder library for rotary encoder input at // - MD_Parola library for LED matrix display at // - MD_MAX72XX library to support Parola library at

Don’t confuse your convenience with the quality of the software.

You don’t need any of those if you write your own callback functions, but I suppose you did not read any of the documentation that is part of the download.

Good luck with your project.