[LightBlue Bean]- Programming but sketch isnt running

Hello Everybody,

I am currently working on a project using the almost-dead board Lightblue Bean+

It consists in an 328P connected with an Bluetooth SoC.

I was programming sketches, when suddenly my sketches stop running. I have done tons of debugging, which include:

  • Resetting the SoC
  • Resetting the 328p
  • Rewriting the Firmware (I think it rewrites both bootloaders, from the SOC and 328P, but I am not sure)
  • Checking power needs
  • Tried to deactivate Watchdog timer (followed 328P users manual)
  • and other things related to the LIGHTBLUE BEAN and not just the ARDUINO.

Anyway I really think that the problem is mainly on the Arduino side.

The port D9 is stuck at HIGH, while the D8 is at high but not as much (sorry, I currently have no way of measuring it, but an LED connected to it lights ''halfway'')

I would like any help on how to continue to debug it.

System Architechture Schema https://http2.mlstatic.com/lightblue-bean-bluetooth-arduino-com-bateria-lipo-D_NQ_NP_791705-MLB25055961095_092016-F.jpg