lighting music

I would like to make a led matrix 10x10 of the simple white leds and with each led separately connected with a long cables. All the lights would be real time syncronised with the music.
The Arduino will have also some visualization options.
These options would be chosen throught a mobile application.

here are some examples of what i want to get:
RGB Styles - Coffee table - audio demo - YouTube

**100 white leds connected separately to the module with a long wires.

**some methods of visualization
--circular and so on..
--give a possibility to chose between all these visualization methods.

**also needed a wifi shield with a local server installed on it, for a mobile application.

**fade in/out of all these leds as well as possibilty to sync the fade with the music

**possibility to control a sensivity of a sound receptor(microphone?)
**possibility as well to connect jack cable

This project is for my design concept and i have to make it as soon as possible :s
if there are any interested and experienced people who would like to help me with this i would be very pleased!

I am a designer so I am not very in of all this electronics and programming stuff... that means that I am actually looking for somebody who will make all this for me and surely I will pay for all their work.

my skype: suvorov.anton.a

ps: sorry for my bad english..:frowning: